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Experience a whole new level of sleep like never before. Prepare yourself for a revolutionary way to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling completely refreshed. Our innovative formula, free from melatonin, harnesses the power of four remarkable natural compounds that synergistically work together to upgrade your sleep.

Better sleep.

Benefits of daily use

Just as our diet plays a crucial role in shaping our overall well-being, optimized sleep also holds the power to either propel us forward or hinder our progress in every facet of life. Here's a glimpse into the powerful benefits of SacredHuman Sleep. 

Fast deep sleep

Productivity and mood

Better recovery

Improved cognition

Boosted imunity

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

Discover the harmonious synergy of SacredHuman Sleep, carefully crafted from four remarkable sleep-inducing elements and derived straight from nature. While each ingredient possesses its own inherent potency, their collective fusion creates an unparalleled nocturnal elixir, seamlessly weaving together the ideal bedtime ambiance. Unlock the gateway to effortless slumber as you drift into a restful state, embracing undisturbed sleep throughout the night.

Magnesium Glycinate

An essential mineral that regulates your body’s stress-response system and increases GABA to help you calm your body and mind. 


A simple but powerful amino acid that lowers your body temperature to prepare you for sleep and supports deeper REM cycles. 


An amino acid found in tea leaves that lowers anxiety levels to help you fall asleep faster.


A unique antioxidant that reduces the stress hormone cortisol and promotes muscle relaxation through its mild sedative properties.